Modern and Simple Home Decor for 66㎡ House

This is the contracted wind small family model of a building area of 66 square 2 bedrooms, whole gives a person a kind of small and fresh feeling. the model of the house is not very good, contains the sense of a few Z fonts, but under the transformation of stylist, the arrangement between each function of this house is very reasonable.

This is a Floor plan

The entryway dining-room corridor, the whole house also does not have an independent porch space. The dining-room on the corridor, suit the table of strip quite.

The other side of the aisle is the kitchen, refrigerator, and washing machine in the kitchen.

The ambry design of the L model also is the choice with the best small family kitchen, move line is short, receive a space just right. Return porch shoe ark to put apart partial space on the side of the freezer made a built-in cabinet space.

The receive design of the dining-room place also is very much, the clapboard of ark of the side of eating that relies on a wall and metope.

After walking corridor, it is a sitting room, the sitting wall of shallow blue and sheet chair echo each other. It gives the color that jumps more inside the main body space of log color, appears more good-looking.

The balcony place of dining-room edge is the design that made raise ground stage, regard it as a recreational, play space. The small bookcase in the corner of the living room is filled with books that the owner likes to read.

Advocate the design inside lie can partial at a few simple, the bed that light color fastens and bed are tasted match white wall, plus a feather droplight, have literature and art fan very much, look super have style.

The color of the children’s room can compare beautiful a few, the child still is small, it is the design that crib adds a single bed so, convenient adult accompanies, change crib to desk later, very practical.

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